Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser


Color Brushed Aluminum
Material Plastic
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  • 🧼 Touchless Soap Dispenser Operation: Our hands-free soap dispenser utilizes the latest infrared motion sensor technology to quickly and efficiently disperse soap into your hands or dish sponge. The no-touch soap dispenser design eliminates the need for multiple people to touch the soap bottle, creating a more hygienic way to wash your hands or dishes
  • 🧼 Adjustable Output Levels: Soap dispenser features 5 different output levels, 1 being the least amount of soap dispensed and 5 being the most. Set your desired level easily by pressing the plus and minus buttons to increase or decrease output. Eliminate wasted soap and excess dripping with this touch-free soap dispenser
  • 🧼 Waterproof Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser: Our soap dispenser is built with a durable base that protects the liquid soap dispenser from water damage. Rubber seals on the bottom of the base encapsulate the battery compartment and protect the soap dispenser from damage. Keep this touchless auto soap dispenser on your bathroom or kitchen sink without worry
  • 🧼 High-Quality Sleek Design: The auto soap dispenser features a shiny, eye-catching chrome plated design that pairs well with any kitchen or bathroom décor. The 500ML clear soap tank makes it easy to match your soap or sanitizer color with your home’s color palette for even better integration. A clear tank also allows you to see when soap levels are low and in need of replenishing. Please note: Soap dispenser is designed for non-foaming liquid soap only
  • 🧼 Perfect For Homes, Restaurants, Offices, Hospitals, Schools: High traffic areas are susceptible to being more uncleanly. Our touchless soap dispenser creates a cleaner, more efficient way to wash your hands. Compact and sleek design make our hand’s free soap dispenser perfect for kitchen sinks in your home or restaurant and the bathroom countertop in offices, hospitals, and schools

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